Play Equipment designed for children with special needs
Swing Seats

Welcome to SNPE, here you will find a web site full of “fun” & “Safe” play equipment products to help children with special needs have the freedom to play.

Our range of Residential and commercial play equipment includes all types of adaptive swings, vestibular swing sets, therapy swings, sensory ball pits, adult disabled swings, high quality floor mats, wheelchair spins, trampolines and not to mention one of the very best wheelchair swing set’s that’s available in Australia.

Special needs play equipment doesn't stop there!!!

We have sourced the very best All Abilities backyard play equipment which includes the “All Wheels” wheelchair Cubby House, the All Abilities “Fun Bridge” and offcourse our huge range of All Abilities swings to suite your child or adults requirements when playing.

Of course the above products we just mentioned is only a small snap shot of what we can provide. Please browse through our website to see all the other great products that we have available. 

New Products

Rotating Swivel Hook
Nest Swing 'Sampa'
A-Frame Trestles Set of 3
Wide Trestles Set of 3
A Frame Trestle 30cm High
A Frame Trestle 60cm High
A Frame Trestle 90cm High
Trestle Climbing Cube Frame
Trestle Bridge Climbing Frame
Swing Set Vuly 360 Medium
Swing Frame Vuly 360 Medium
Mountain Climber Commercial Grade
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