Wheelchair Swing Set - Commercial Play Equipment. Wheelchair accessible play equipment swing frame
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Wheelchair Swing Set

Wheelchair Swing Set

Wheelchair swing set - Accessible play equipment Commercial wheelchair swing set

Wheelchair Accessible Swing Set - Inclusive Play Equipment ideal for commercial use.

The Wheelchair Accessible Swing Frame offers a valuable play experience for children in wheelchairs.

Wheelchair swing has been designed for children who cannot easily move out of their wheelchair into a traditional  swing seat at the playground.

The swing can be pushed or users with upper body strength/manual dexterity can use the provided suspended pulleys to move the swing.

The ramp allows a wheelchair user to access the unit very easily. The ramp then lifts up to give a secure enclosure round the user while swinging.

We feel every child has the right to enjoy a wonderful swinging sensation. Adults in wheelchairs can also use this piece of equipment for a great upper body work out and enjoy the swinging motion at the same time.

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