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Plum 8FT Magnitude Trampoline

Plum 8FT Magnitude Trampoline

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Plum Magnitude Premium Trampoline

The premium magnitude trampoline has been developed from the ground up, sparing no cost to design one the strongest and highest quality trampolines on the market. Style and performance coated in black, one of the most stylish and sophisticated, it will suit any backyard. 


Safety and Style all-in-one: Our jet-black powder coated frame is all about style and performance, the matte black not only adds to the sleek and contemporary look but also provides another layer of protection against rust resistance. This safety focused design has been tested to simulate over 1,000,000 bounces, far in excess of any safety standard or legislative requirement.

Enclosure Poles: Design provides bouncers with the largest internal jumping area of any trampoline. Due to the unique convex design of the enclosure poles, the huge fishbowl design gives kids unparalleled space to jump around inside the trampoline.

EVA Foam: Is used to cover the enclosure poles and protect any off-track bouncers who may come in contact with them whilst they push the limits of trampolining. This is a soft and lightweight material that has a high UV resistance and will ensure the trampoline continues to look great for years to come. EVA foam is used in the production of approximately 95% of running shoes and is one the softest, cushioning materials around.

Springsafe® Enclosure: Patented Springsafe® enclosure design connects to the inside of the jumping mat creating a safe barrier ensuring that little jumpers who do go off track land on the soft mesh netting rather than the springs or frame, making this the class leading trampoline in safety features and design.

Polyester netting: An incredible resource that is lightweight and has a high resistance to UV radiation. Extremely strong, very durable and resistant to stretching and shrinking, it retains its shape making it perfect for making outdoor products for harsh climates.

The Tramp Klamp Bracket: Is the only bracket on the market which is completely weld free.They aren’t light or thin, and are forged from 2.5mm galvanised steel and each bracket weighs 0.5kg on its own. The bracket adds a huge amount of strength and stability to the joints and the whole frame providing critical support to ensure a better, higher and safer bounce.

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