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TRIPLE Swing Frame In Ground 115 X 115 Cypress Timber

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Swing Frame -  Triple - In ground -  Cypress Pine Timber - 115 x 115

Looking for a Strong and sturdy swing Set for your backyard, well look no further we have the swing set your looking for.

Our swing frames are made from Cypress pine timber 115 x 115 with a heavy duty bracket system, diagonal bracing and snap lock swing hooks, making swapping swings easily.

These swing sets need to be cemented into the ground approx 600 deep.

Our Swing sets require 1.9 m clearance on the side of the swing set, and 3 m in front and behind swing frame clearance is recommended. 300 mm softfall recommended under and around swing frame or place safety rubber softfall mats that meet Australian standards around and under the swing frame.

150kg weight limit

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