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Eye Bolt

Eye Bolt

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Eye Bolt

The eye bolt can be fitted to the bottom of a i beam or h beam to allow attachment of a swing or other hanging attachment.

The eye bolt is cast iron with a threaded section and should always be used with locking nuts  which provide secure fixing. these locking nuts are sold with the eye bolt and should be checked regular for tightness.

Regular inspection  for wear on the ring of the eye bolt and replacement is recommended when the wear on the eye bolt has reached 30% of the total diameter where the attachment is hanging.

Please refer to below image.

When attaching a swinging hook/hanger apparatus to the ceiling or beam, you must make sure that the attachment is secure and properly fixed.  Installation should be a minimum of 3m away from any wall, window or obstruction. We recommend consulting with a builder or contractor for safety assurance and any code compliance.

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