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Special Needs Play Equipment Pyramid Net Climber- KBT - Commercial Grade  Climb on this awesom..


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Up & Over Play Climber 'Natural'

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Not just for Play!

The un-stained Up & Over play Climber allows children to develop grip and arm strength. Leg strength is also used while playing on the Up & Over Play Climber.

While not only playing on the Up & Over Play Climber, Children are also required to plan and organise their bodies to successfully reach the top of the rockwall then climb over to come down the net rope.

2 x safety handles are supplied at the top of the structure to add extra support for the children to climb over to the other side.  Commercial grade climbing stones are provided with grip surface allows extra gripping while climbing.

Australian Made.

Great piece of play equipment for children to enhance muscle development, improve co-ordination and a sense of balance.

The Up & Over Combines a net rope and a rock wall, and with its low height also makes it ideal for the little ones.

80kg weight limit

Comes un assembled  - per-fab panels supplied - battery drill is required for installation


  • Scramble Net
  • Rock Wall
  • Plastic Hand Grips
  • Hardware Kit
  • Peak Height: 95mm
  • Footprint: 1.9m long x 1.5m wide
  • The timber size may vary slightly from the image shown

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