Vestibular Indoor Therapy Swing Frame


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Vestibular Indoor Therapy Swing Frame

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Vestibular Indoor Therapy Swing Frame

This listing is for the Vestibular Indoor Therapy Metal Swing Frame with Therapy Swings and Therapy Mat included. Sold as a ‘Complete Kit’

Indoor Metal Swing Frame complete kit: Vestibular Indoor Swing Frame made from durable metal with ball-bearing loaded Rotational Bar. This indoor swing set is a great Therapeutic Sensory Integration Swing Frame kit for your clinic, home or school.

This Swing frame is a fantastic portable indoor therapy swing frame designed for clients whom cannot hang suspension from there ceiling or families who just need an indoor swing frame to continue vestibular activities indoor in the comfort of their own home.

What’s included?

1.       Indoor therapy swing frame

2.       Platform swing

3.       Disk swing

4.       Bolster swing

5.       Prone swing

6.       Toddler positioning seat

7.       Thick padded mat

8.     Adjustable ropes 

The metal indoor portable swing frame is a great vestibular swing frame that’s not too big and is perfect for placing indoors like in a spare room, lounge room, or in a room that’s set up as a dedicated sensory room.

Occupational Therapy Centres’ could also place the Vestibular metal indoor swing frame into their therapy room if they cannot hang any swings from there ceilings.

The indoor vestibular swing frame is designed around sensory swings for autism. This frame is great for children whom require vestibular impute from special therapy swings that can be attached to this frame.

This indoor swing frame can also be great for families that would like an indoor swing frame for their disable swing to be placed indoors if they cannot provide suspension from there ceilings or beams indoors. The indoor swing frame is great for special needs children to enjoy a swing frame indoors to either relax and swing in or just have use of a swing frame indoors out of the weather 24/7.


Assembled Size: 2.6m wide, 1.4m depth, 2.1m height

Beam Height Max: 2.1m -  Height adjustment assembly allows a quick change to the proper height required for each of the therapy swing attachments.

Durable Metal Frame Weight capacity:  200kg     

Material: Powder coated steel frame

Swing frame legs:  can be removed for portability and storage reasons

Comes with rotating bar for rotational activities for therapy swings

Rotating bar can be locked into place for normal front to back swing motion.

Single point suspension can be used, as there is 1 x swing hook in the middle of the frame and swing hooks placed either side of middle hook, designed for therapy swings that require 2 point suspension.

The metal indoor vestibular swing frame has four rubber balls pads at the end of the swing frame legs to sit comfortable onto carpet or wooden floors. Its recommend to place carpet tiles underneath each of the swing frames legs if placing the indoor swing frame directly onto tiles or slippery surfaces.

Our Indoor Vestibular Swing Frame Comes complete with hardware for easy assemble.

Price dose not include freight charge

Therapy Swings Included:

Bolster swing

The bolster swing can be used in different ways. The children can ether sit, lie down or hung on upside down.  It’s the therapist’s favorite choice of hanging equipment!

The bolster swing includes adjustable ropes for correct height placement designed for 2 point suspension.

Our therapy bolster swing provides vestibular sensory input to those who need a little more.

Bolster swing for Sensory Integration. 

Length: 91cm long

Diameter: 26cm

Max Weight limit 80kg

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