Commercial Special Needs Play Equipment Web Swing - Nest swing - Birds nest swing attachment


Special Needs Play Equipment Pyramid Net Climber Commercial Grade 3.5m

Special Needs Play Equipment Pyramid Net Climber- KBT - Commercial Grade  Climb on this awesom..


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Nest Swing Round Birdie 'Commercial' 1m Red, Blue and Black

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Nest Swing - Commercial Web Swing Seat - Group Swing for all Abilities

The Commercial Special Needs Play Equipment Nest Swing or Web Swing seat is an inclusive play equipment product that's great for all children. It's a round dish like swing that can be used to lie down on or sat on while holding onto the web style armed rope. Great for all abilities. 

The birds nest web swing is one of the most popular swings at the park - it's a fantastic web swing for all children to swing or lay down on.

Great for parks, schools or special needs schools.
TUV CERTIFIED -  Commercial Grade.
600kg weight limit

Product Information

The KBT Special Needs Play Equipment nest swing ‘rosette’ is a brand new and extra sturdy design. It is available in Diameter Sizes Ø 1000 mm and Ø 1200 mm. The suspension ropes are made in armed rope with a stainless steel chain on the top end to adjust the suspension length. The shackles are made in high-quality stainless steel. All of the clip rings are made in aluminium. 

All KBT products are approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

  • Tuv Rheinland Pl

Product Specifications

  • Product group
    Commercial use > Swinging
  • Product type
    Commercial use, Swinging, Nest swings
  • Dimensions
    Diameter: 1000 mm /  x Height: 120 mm
  • Beam type 
    max 2,40 m

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